change starts with perspective

Everything we do is rooted in the belief that families must live in possibility and plan in reality. Straddling the two is hard, but you’re no stranger to hard. You can do hard things. 

Those who care for children with extraordinary needs, be they parents/families, or organizations and caregivers that care for them (schools, school boards, non-profits, government agencies, healthcare centers, health care workers, hospitals, health associations, etc) have the capacity to be agents for change; and change starts with perspective. 

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Insight & inspiration to help build your resilience

There are times, many times really, that my daughter’s disorder kicks my butt...

My daughter’s disorder takes away the good things and delivers gut punches of the bad. This is how I fight back. This is personal.

What began as an initiative of passion has grown into an initiative to teach, to coach, to prepare and inspire parents, families, caregivers, health professionals, non-profits and organizations who care for children with special needs, disabilities, and complex needs.